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Leading Students Don’t Require Titles

Title holders have positions, but leaders often don’t. This leadership keynote presentation shows you how to develop authentic leadership while helping you understand that true leadership isn’t title based. If you want to be inspired to lead others, then this presentation is for you!

In this presentation, you will:

  • Learn how to be a positive leader without a formal title
  • Learn some of the biggest mistakes that student leaders make and how to avoid them
  • Discover how to get the most out of your peers without compromising your leadership standards

Perfect for: Student Leadership Conferences, Welcome Week, Break Out Sessions, and Residence Life Training

Format: Keynote, Workshop

Its Not the 13th Grade: Being a Star Student in Community College

Whether you’re a recent high school graduate, a first generation college student, or a non-traditional student returning back to school, knowing how to successfully navigate your college environment is a must. Balancing the demands of an academic workload, a job, and other off campus commitments are critical to your college success.

During this fun and interactive keynote, you will learn:

  • How to utilize and maximize your campus resources
  • The 3 highly effective habits of successful community college students
  • How to excel academically while balancing your off campus life
  • How to properly prepare for your next step
  • Why developmental classes are not a setback but a set up for a comeback

Perfect for: Community College Orientations, Leadership Conferences, Early College Programs, First Year Experience Programs, and Lyceum Speaker Series

Format: Keynote, Workshop

Success Starts With You

In life we all encounter difficult circumstances and during these times, it’s easy to make excuses and blame others. At the end of the day, its up to you. No matter the challenge, we still have a choice! This interactive, motivational program will help you become more successful by helping you understand that we all are a product of our choices.

In this interactive program, you will:

  • Learn the three universal truths surrounding life and how to use them to better your situation
  • Learn how to acknowledge setbacks and transform them into opportunities
  • Learn how to develop a positive mindset regardless of your circumstance

Perfect for: Any leadership event!

Beyond Bullet Points: Selling Your Leadership and Extracurricular Experience In a Job Interview

A recent study indicated that despite recent college graduates possessing extensive extracurricular activities, they still have difficulty in articulating their college experience to potential employers in job interviews. In this workshop, participants will learn how to create a narrative regarding their student leadership experiences during a job interview to demonstrate real world skills and experience that will make them IRRESISTIBLE to future employers.

Perfect for: Graduating Seniors, Student Leaders, Student Leadership Conferences, Non Traditional Students

Virtual Programs

Creating Campus Communities of Care

Mastering leadership skills within campus communities translates beyond college. This fun, virtual workshop will show Resident Assistants how to deal with difficult personalities and challenging circumstances, which often affect a community’s success.

In this virtual program, participants will discover:

  • Better communication skills to establish meaningful connections and reduce conflict
  • Creative ways to improve student attendance at campus events
  • Practical strategies to hold others accountable to their commitments
  • How to build a community culture of quality and excellence through character education
  • Tools to develop a positive mindset regardless of the circumstances.

Finding Your Purpose During The Great Reset

Its not your fault but its still your responsibility. As the world begins to adjust to the new normal, you have an opportunity to decide what you really want. The world we once knew has drastically changed and so have the expectations. What matters now is how you plan to move forward.

In this virtual presentation, participants will discover:

  • How to strategically plan your next move successfully in this new era
  • Why your mindset is your most important asset moving forward even in times of challenge, controversy, and change
  • How to stay motivated and focused during times of uncertainty
  • What the future could look like and how to seize new opportunities
  • Healthy ways to cope with anxiety, fear, and changing times

Living Your Best Life Through Health and Wellness

Manage your stress or it will manage you! This interactive program will teach student leaders skills that will help them better manage stress. Additionally, it will cover creative ways to self-care and balance what’s really important.

Bringing Your Best Self Back To School

In light of present-day challenges in our nation, we have been confronted with an unprecedented need to overcome adversity. This virtual presentation is designed to help students focus on returning to
school and achieving academic success in spite of the current climate of the nation.

Additionally, students will discover:

  • The top five skills of successful students
  • Proven ways to care for your body, elevate your mind, and nurture your soul
  • How surrounding yourself with the right resources and influences that can help you thrive in challenging times
  • Why there has never been a better time to pursue your education
  • How to study productively

    Leading Through Crisis and Transition

    This virtual presentation addresses the current social challenges student leaders are facing on and off-campus in the wake of recent national protests. Students will discover how to lead with character,
    empathy, and how to find their signal in the midst of the noise. Additionally, this presentation will discuss future possibilities and how to best prepare

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