About Tawan Perry

Being a leader in a leadership position in college and in the corporate world is great for one's career resume. The development of skills and new experiences is the result of this process. But what about the challenges that come with leadership?

What about the connections? What about the process? What about the art of communicating?

Tawan’s mission is to help students get connected, stay connected, and graduate from college and help corporations better connect with their new hires by providing solution based workshops and keynotes that promises results long after he leaves your school...and into their career.

Tawan overcame incredible odds to become the person he is today. After barely completing high school, he had to learn the reality of life without an education: Choices are made for you. The turning point came when he grew sick and tired of doing nothing with his life.

He enrolled in a local community college and began taking classes. Although he was enrolled, he failed both the English and Math placement tests. Consequently, he spent the next two years struggling to get out of developmental classes. With hard work and persistence, he eventually graduated and was awarded a full academic scholarship. He would never look back.

Tawan Perry is an internationally known speaker and an award winning author of several books including Up Your Org: A Guide To Help Student Leaders Thrive. He has been a guest on countless radio and TV shows on FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR and PBS. Tawan’s talks and workshops focus on student leadership, college completion, and career/workforce readiness.

Tawan has established a national reputation as a student success and leadership expert who has the keys to unlock college success. Over the years, he’s provided over 300 presentations to schools such as North Carolina State University, Texas A&M, Kent State University, University of California Riverside, Eastern Wyoming College, University of Hawaii Hilo, and Saint Leo’s University to name a few.

Tawan has traveled and shared his message all over the world including France, Italy, Egypt, Ethiopia, England, Brazil, Indonesia, Switzerland, Thailand, Hong Kong, Greece, and the Dominican Republic. Additionally, he has been to over 40 states in the US, bringing truly a national and global perspective to the audience.


There is an adage that states “There is no overnight success”. When it comes to speaking about college success and leadership, many speakers just talk about it; but Tawan has actually done it. Tawan understands how to reach both the academically challenged students and also the high achieving college students because he’s been them both. As a once failing college student, he spent two years taking developmental classes at a local community college. With hard work, he would go on to earn full academic scholarships and graduate with honors from three distinctly different schools.

In the process of graduating from college, Tawan got connected and stay connected by serving as SGA vice president, becoming a founding member of two student organizations, serving as a resident assistant, and a governor appointed student leader position.

Your students get the benefit of learning from tough life lessons and actionable strategies that Tawan has utilized to be successful in college and beyond. His presentations are always interactive, informative, and most importantly FUN!

Tawan is a great speaker with an awesome attitude. Tawan was able to captivate and hold the attention of students who would otherwise have been sleeping or enjoying the wonderful day outside. I recommend him for your student leadership conference!

- Sara Rutsohilling, Student